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You are charged only when a customer clicks on your advertised catalog.

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3 Lakh+


Suppliers who have placed Ads on Meesho till date 



Minimum budget to place Ad on Meesho

14 Crore+


Monthly Active Customers on Meesho App

What are Meesho Ads ?
Meesho Ads are advertising programs that help you promote the catalogs you list on Meesho so that you increase orders and grow your business.
How do Meesho Ads work?
When you place an Ad on Meesho, your catalogs move to the top of all discovery pages, making them visible to millions of customers when they search for or browse similar products.
Reach your customers faster 
“Recommended Catalogs”, “Recommended Budget” & “Auto CPC” are suggestions backed by data and best practices to help you increase orders.

Take your business to new heights

Start Your Ad Campaign in 3 Simple Steps


Select Campaign Budget

Set a daily or total budget for the campaign which is the amount that you would like to spend on advertising. You’ll be charged from your allocated budget only when a customer, after seeing your advertisement, either clicks on the catalog to visit catalog description page or clicks on share/ wishlist icon. If the customer doesn’t do any action on your Ad and only views it, there won’t be any deduction from the Ad budget. Also, you don’t have to pay at the time of Ad campaign creation. The advertisement cost (only the utilized budget) will be recovered from your Payouts accordingly*.


Top tips to create an effective campaign

Campaign Name

Enter a suitable name for your Ad campaign keeping in mind the type of products being advertised.

Cost Per Click

Set the cost per click, or CPC as per recommended CPC or let pre-filled CPC (the most suitable CPC) work for you.

Recommended Catalogs

Select Meesho Recommended Catalogs or New Catalogs as per your requirement. You can also choose catalogs manually for your Ad campaign.

Campaign Budget

We suggest that you create daily budget campaigns with no end date and monitor the campaign every few days.

Manage Your Ad Campaigns Anywhere, Anytime
Once your Ad campaign is live, visit the Overview page by clicking on the ‘Advertisement’ button on your panel. On this page, you can check the ROI and budget utilized by your Ad campaign along with other important metrics to evaluate its performance. If your Ad campaign has a good ROI, we suggest you increase its budget to reach more customers. 
Get Maximum Results in a Few Clicks
If you choose to run Ad campaigns frequently, they will help you get more orders. More orders will further help you expand your business. In short, the more you run Ads, the more you increase your chances of getting additional orders. 

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Meesho Supplier Support Available 24/7

Meesho supplier support is available to solve all your doubts and issues before and after you start your online selling business.