Grow your business

Learn about the tools available to help you grow your business on Meesho


Promote your catalogs to reach the right customers and increase your sales

Boost Visibility

Your catalogs are shown on the top slot of search results

Acquiring New Customers

Interested potential customers view your catalogs

Increase your sales

Reaching the right customers help you increase your sales

How it works?

Start a campaignCreate a campaign in the advertisement section on supplier panel


Promote your catalogsYour catalogs are shown to relevant customers on the top slot of search results


Charging modelYou are charged only if a customer clicks on the ad

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Product Recommendations

Grow your business by sourcing the products recommended by Meesho

Increased sales

Earn more by selling the products that customers are looking for.

Intelligent sourcing

Source products using data-backed recommendations by Meesho.

How it works?

Explore recommendations by MeeshoExplore data backed recommendations curated only for you by Meesho.


Accept and sourceAccept the recommendations and source them.


Upload the recommendationsUpload the recommended products by

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Price Recommendation

Grow your business by setting the price that Meesho recommends for your catalogs/ products. These prices are recommended to keep you competitive with other sellers across platforms and increase your visibility and sales.

Learn about Price Recommendations

Quality Dashboard

Reduce Returns with Quality Dashboard. Quality Dashboard provides detailed insights about why customers are returning your products. With this dashboard, you can reduce returns, negative feedback, and increase profitability.