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Advertise Your Products
Promote your products and catalogs by creating sponsored advertisements or Meesho Ads. This will help you to reach the right customers and increase sales. Your catalogs will list on top slots on discovery pages across Meesho. It looks like a regular catalog listing with an "ad" tag. Currently, not available for sellers who don't have a Regular GSTIN.
Product 1
Boost Visibility
Advertising on Meesho boosts the rank of your catalogs. It means higher visibility, leads to more clicks and increases orders.
Product 4
Increase Your Sales
By being present at the right place at the right time, your catalogs get more orders. Reaching the right customers helps you increase your sales.
Product 2
Attract More Customers
Interested customers can view and shop your product catalogs from the top slots.
Product 5
Track & Manage Ads
Make better decisions with performance metrics like Return on Investment and Budget Utilized.
Product 3
Pay only for Click
No cost to pay unless a customer clicks on your advertisement.
Product 6
Control Costs
You create the campaigns, you decide when to run or pause them through the performance data.
Increase Sales Through Product Recommendation
With Meesho Supplier Panel, you get access to the Product Recommendation tool that is very easy to use and helps in expanding your business as well.
Recommendations are made in a few ways:
  • Trending searches
    Products people are looking for but cant find anything they like
  • Top selling
    Selling well on Meesho
  • Other categories
    Suggestions based on categories similar to what you are selling
Benefits of Registering for NDD Program:
  • Higher visibility
  • Lesser order cancellation
  • Catalogs appear at the top of the homepage
  • Lesser chances of RTO
  • Get your own PE Account Manager
Steps to Register for Meesho NDD Program:
Login to your “Supplier Panel”
Click on “Support”
Select “Orders & Delivery”
Choose “I want to add my catalogs under Next Day Dispatch Program/I want to put my complete account under Next Day Dispatch (NDD) program”
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