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How to Grow Your Online Sales

When your catalogs become live on Meesho, they will be visible to the crores of customers who shop on Meesho. So to stand out from the competition, you’ve to ensure that you’re following the best practices! Here are some step-by-step tips and tricks to enhance the visibility and credibility of your products when selling online.

List more Catalogs: Upload 10-15 catalogs with 3 products in each to get orders quickly on the platform. The more catalogs you upload, the better your chances will be of getting the initial few orders.
Image Quality: Use high-quality images that clearly show your product. Multiple angles help.

Product description & recommended fields: Update product description fields that are optional with important information that customers can refer to while buying.

Set a Right Price: Consider the costs associated and the margin that you want to keep while setting up the perfect price for your products.

Make the Habit of - Next Day Dispatch: which requires suppliers to dispatch orders on the next day of receiving orders. Faster dispatch helps you to increase your sales. 

Keep your inventory updated: It’s recommended to keep stock of 20 or more for each product in all your live catalogs.

Inventory Smart suggestions: gives you an idea of estimated orders for each of your catalogs along with the expected date till your current inventory will last. It helps you restock your inventory on time.

Packing efficiency: Make sure to keep your packing compact. Remember to use durable material to avoid damages while shipping, especially for Fragile items.

Smart Pricing Recommendation: Use the Price recommendation tool that suggests the competitive price of your product with respect to the market demands.

Insights from Customer Reviews: Your catalog’s average ratings reflect the user perspective of the products in it. Use these reviews & ratings to make improvements to your products. 

So, this is all you needed to know in order to be a successful supplier with Meesho. Happy Selling on Meesho!

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