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How to Use the Price Recommendation Tool

The Price Recommendation tool is useful for any seller who wants to grow their business on Meesho by keeping the most competitive and advantageous prices for their products. It's a smart way to manage your prices and plan your strategy to price your products. This video will be the perfect intro to the Meesho Pricing Dashboard.

To access this, log into the Supplier Panel and click on the "Price Recommendation" tab on the left panel. This tab will take you to Meesho's Price Recommendation page where you will be given recommendations around correct price points that will help in increasing your sales volume on Meesho.

Accepting a recommendation is simple. All you have to do is click on "Accept" for each product you want to update the price of. You can also choose to edit the price before accepting it as per your requirement. The “Transfer Price” mentioned is the amount that will be transferred to your bank account after the sale of a single product.

You can view all recommendations at a Catalog and Product-Level. On the left, you will be able to see all the listed catalogs that have a recommendation. 

  • The Overview Tab: an overview of the overall impact of the Price Recommendation tool on your business in the form of “Increase in Orders" and "Increase in Sales"
  • The Accepted Tab: where you can see all your previously accepted recommendations in this tab. 
  • Search Feature: to help you find recommendations for specific products
  • The View Comparison Tab: an overview of how your product compares to a competing product whether on Meesho or other e-commerce platforms. 

We recommend you use the smart suggestions wisely and continue to grow your business on our platform with ease.

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