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How to Find and Fix QC Errors

To succeed as a seller on Meesho, it is necessary for your uploaded catalog quality to be in perfect state. If there are any issues, Meesho's Quality Check team will raise a listing error. In this video, we will talk about how to find and spot these QC Errors quickly on Meesho, and fix them using the Supplier Panel to get QC Passed status for all your catalogs.  

For a Bulk Catalog, you will have to download the error file on the Supplier Panel. Also, keep the original excel file handy while correcting the errors. 

In the error file, you will see all the errors in the “Error Tab” and “Fill-this Tab” section, listed in the Error Status and Error Message Column. You will have to make changes to your original file after looking at these errors. Once done, you will have to save the file and update it by going back to the QC Error Page and clicking on “upload new file”. The catalog will then become live once it passes the Quality Check.  Watch the video to follow this process step-by-step.

The type of Errors that you can face:

Wrong Category Error

Duplicate SKU ID and Product ID Error

SKU ID error

Image Link Error

Product Description Error

Image Upload Error

QC Failed status may happen for any of these or other reasons which we will cover in-depth in the video. For Single Upload, the procedure is very similar, but it will be directly done on the Catalog Upload section of the admin panel. 

If you have any doubt or question on QC progress, listing optimization to avoid QC errors in the future, go to the support section on the Admin Panel. You can raise an issue by clicking on "Raise a Ticket", where we will ask for more details and also ask for a callback number so that our agents can call you.

Now that you have learnt how to find and correct QC errors, we wish you a happy selling experience on Meesho!

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