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How to List Your Catalogs Using Bulk Uploads

Use Meesho’s bulk catalog upload tool and list your products on Meesho quicker. This video teaches you how to upload multiple catalogs.

Visit the Supplier Panel, go to the “Catalog Upload” section, click on ‘Add Bulk Catalog’, search the category that matches your catalog, select it from the drop-down menu, download the template and edit it with relevant details carefully before uploading it again. 

The Excel template that is downloaded contains instructions on how to fill in the document in the first tab. Fill in details for your catalog in the second tab. Refer to the ‘Example Sheet’ if you would like. 

Columns with a red coloured top row are mandatory to fill. Columns filled with a green coloured top row are recommended to fill. Enter or select the details for your products from the drop-down list, wherever applicable.

Avoid long descriptions while filling out product details to avoid rejection. For ‘Variation’ if the relevant size is not found, double-check the template you have downloaded and select the correct one. 

Upload images of your products by visiting the Supplier Panel, clicking on the ‘Images Bulk Upload’ section, selecting images and copy-pasting the links you find on this page in your template in the relevant column. 

Once all the details are filled in your Excel template, save the file and visit the same page you downloaded the template from. This is where you will upload the Excel template you saved. 

You’re all ready to upload your catalogs in bulk, list your products and start selling on Meesho today!

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