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How to register for the Next Day Dispatch

List under the Next Day Dispatch program and increase your catalogs’ visibility. All orders enlisted in the program will have to be shipped in under a day. 

Here are some of the seller benefits of enlisting in the program: 

  1. Higher visibility
  2. Lesser order cancellations
  3. Catalogs appear at the top of the homepage
  4. Lesser chances of RTO
  5. Get your own Account Manager

Let’s look at how to register for Meesho’s Next Day Dispatch program:

  1. Log into the Supplier Panel, click on ‘Support’ on the left-hand side, click on ‘View all’ under the ‘Order & Delivery’ section and select, ‘I want to add my catalogs under Next Day Dispatch Program’ or ‘I want to put my complete account under Next Day Dispatch program’. 
  1. Raise a ticket, fill in the catalog ID, leave the description blank and upload an excel sheet with a list of catalog IDs you wish to enlist in the NDD program. 

Once enrolled, you can opt-out of the program as well. In ‘Support’, click on ‘View all’ under the ‘Order & Delivery’ section and select ‘I want to remove my catalogs from the Next Day Dispatch Program’.

Now that you understand the Next Day Dispatch Program, start shipping today!

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