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How to Sell on Meesho

Selling on Meesho and making the most of our services is easy. Complete your seller registration and your business will be ready to ship orders immediately. 

Follow these steps to sell on Meesho:

Step 1: Register as seller by creating your account on supplier.meesho.com.

Step 2: Once registered, log in to the Meesho Supplier Panel by visiting supplier.meeshosupply.com

Step 3: Upload a high-quality catalog at competitive prices.

Step 4: Receive orders through our network.

Step 5: Pack and ship the orders within the expected dispatch date.

Step 6: Receive payments of your completed orders directly in your bank account.

Get into the finer details of the points mentioned above, like shipping charges, penalties, uploading good quality catalogs and much more in the video. Watch it now and start selling today!

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