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What you can and cannot sell over Meesho

Restrictions on sale of Prohibited items and a brief on compliances under LM Act | What you can and cannot sell on Meesho

Meesho allows you to sell a wide range of categories across the entire country. However, there are a few items prohibited to be sold on our platform.

Before we take you through the types of prohibited products, do remember that this is only an explanatory video with a few examples. Log into your Supplier Panel, click on ‘Settings’, go to ‘Legal and Policies’ and visit the ‘Prohibited Items’ page for an in-depth understanding.

Let's look at a list of products you can't and shouldn't be selling on Meesho:

1. Products that can cause harm to a human’s life or safety. While the list is not limited to the following, products such as wireless jammers, car seat belt alarm stoppers and the likes are extremely dangerous and can put people’s lives at risk.

2. Arms and ammunition. You cannot sell guns, button knives, rampuri knives, etc. on Meesho. Kitchen knives, shaving blades, tools for gardening or other utility products are permissible to be sold. However, sellers have to ensure that the size/nature of the product are within the limits permissible by law.

3. Narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances that are banned by law. Mood enhancing or narcotic drugs, like Ganja, Hashish, LSD or opium, whether as products themselves or as ingredients in other products, cannot be sold on Meesho.

4. Counterfeit products. Counterfeit products are unauthorised replicas or fake imitations of real products. If you sell fake or counterfeit products you will be disallowed from listing on Meesho and lose the ‘M-Trusted’ tag. If there are any issues raised with regards to the authenticity of the products you sell on Meesho, ensure that you have the necessary Trademark certificate or brand authorisation documents to address the concerns raised.

5. Obscene or explicit material. All sellers must upload images of  products or product features they sell on Meesho and all images must pass a decency test to go live across the platform.

6. Prescription drugs and medicines. No drugs and medicines can be sold on Meesho, either individually or together with another product.

7. Alcoholic beverages. Sale, storage and distribution of alcoholic substances is heavily regulated. The sale of products infused with alcohol, like cocktails, champagnes or wines, isn’t allowed on our platform. However, the sale of wine glasses, beer mugs and the likes is allowed on Meesho.

8. Tobacco and tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. While it is strictly prohibited to sell tobacco or tobacco-based products on Meesho, you can sell ashtrays, lighters and other similar products.

9. Fireworks. Storage and transportation of fireworks is heavily regulated and can potentially cause a lot of harm to people.

10. Old or other currencies. You are not allowed to sell any currencies on Meesho as per our policy.

Please note, if you sell restricted products on Meesho, we will delist you from the platform, and choose to provide your information to law enforcement authorities.

The Legal Metrology Act, 2009 read with the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011 requires certain mandatory information to be provided by the suppliers for displaying their products on Meesho. Let's look at what information you need to provide to sell on Meesho:

1. Common or Generic Name of the Product. The ‘common’ or generic name of a product is the name or description contained on the packaging of the product along with the brand name, if any. If the package contains more than one product, the supplier should provide the name of each product in the package along with the respective brand name.

2. Name and Address of the Manufacturer, Packer or Importer. A manufacturer in relation to any product means the person or company that makes or produces the product being sold. If the packer is different from the person or company manufacturing your product, the name & address of both, the manufacturer and packer, should be mentioned on Meesho. You need to mention the name and address of the importer in addition to the manufacturer and packer details if the product is imported from another country.

3. Country of Origin. You need to provide the name of the country where your product was manufactured, assembled or imported from.

4. Net quantity, net weight or net volume. Enter the net quantity, volume or weight of your product, depending on the appropriate unit of measure, while listing your catalog on Meesho. Net weight is applicable for products that are sold by weight and the unit of measure is grams or kilograms. Net volume is applicable for products that are sold as liquids and the unit of measure is millilitres or litres. Net quantity is applicable for products that are sold in units or numbers.

5. Best Before, Use By or Expiry Date. This applies mainly for perishable goods like groceries, pet supplies, health, wellness and personal care products.

6. Maximum Retail Price (MRP). The MRP mentioned on the platform needs to be the same as the MRP printed on the label. The listed price of your product on Meesho cannot be higher than the MRP mentioned on the label.

7. Size or Dimensions of the Product. The supplier needs to submit the dimensions of products contained in a package where the sizing of the product is relevant. If the dimensions of various pieces within one package are different, each dimension for the individual pieces must be given. Ensure to apply the correct unit of measure relevant to your product.

Do note, this is only an illustrative discussion on the Legal Metrology Act requirements to be complied by the supplier. However, it shall be sole responsibility of the supplier to ensure accurate information is placed against the attributes of their catalogs. Furthermore, in case of any changes in the law, suppliers shall be solely responsible to comply with the same and provide correct declarations.

Now you know what you can and cannot sell on Meesho! List your products and boost business today. Happy selling on Meesho!

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